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Welcome to Lane’s Wholesale Nursery, where we make our customers matter the most. See the difference in our quality grown deciduous and coniferous balled and burlap trees (B&B).    Our nursery is located in northeast Nebraska along the Missouri river and luscious farm ground, which offers rich and fertile soil.  Being located in the heart of the farming industry, here in Lyons we receive moderate rainfalls. Combining fertile soil and optimal moisture creates an excellent growing environment.     


 Lane’s wholesale nursery takes pride in our growing practices by taking further steps in growing superb specimen trees. Every tree at Lanes Wholesale Nursery is set up on drip irrigation also by annually soil sampling and proper fertilization by the most up to date fertilizers, this offers our customers healthy and vigorous trees. We also take pride in our digging practices, which can be clearly seen and sets us above the rest.   Being located in Lyons Nebraska, the Midwest, not only puts us in luscious farm grounds and fertile soils, we are centrally located in the united states for the accommodation of shipping. We feel our plants from the northeast Nebraska will thrive for everyone in many different climate zones. Here in Nebraska our trees are hardy from temps of below -20 degrees F to temperatures above 110 degrees F.    Lane’s Wholesale Nursery is a family owned business since 1980 that strives in our products and our customers. Whether your business is large or small, you matter to us and we are here to accommodate you. 

About Us

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