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Celebration Maple


Redpointe Maple


Celebration Maple

Celebration Maple, Acer x Fremanii ‘Celzam'

Height:  45 feet

Spread: 20-25 feet

Zone:  4a

Lanes Wholesale Nursery feels this tree at times has been over looked.  However it is a proven, outstanding cultivar with brilliant yellow color.  This slightly smaller yet vigorous  maple has a strong central leader and a uniform upright pyramidal shape.  The symmetrical branching allows the tree to maintain its own shape.  In the summer Celebration maples have a deeper green foliage than other freemanii maples and have great disease resistance. Celebration Maple turns magnificent yellow in autumn and at times has an electric mix of yellow, orange, and red.  This tree is defiantly a stand out in our fields.


Redpointe Maple

Redpointe Maple, Acer Rubrum ‘Frank Jr'

Height:  45

Spread: 30

Redpoite Maple is  a rubrum that has brilliant red fall  color,  plus upright, broadly  pyramidal shape that makes this specimen tree stand out.  Not only does Redpointes have long-lasting, amazing fall red color,  in the summer Redpointe holds a fresh looking, dark green leaf that stands out from other red maples.  The leaves demonstrate a superior resistance to leaf chlorosis and summer heat.   In our fields we find this tree to show great pest and disease resistance.  Redpointe Maples show straight dominant central leader and have strong branching attachments.  Combining a refined form and excellent foliage it is a superior rubrum.

Redpointe Maples have a spectacular growth rate that is more comparable to acer freemanii.  

Lanes Wholesale Nursery lists Redpointe Maples as one of our featured trees due to Healthy year round foliage, strong central leader, and its vigorous growth rate.  Redpointe Maple was  the most brilliant red and held its color the longest in all our fields hands down. 


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